Founder & CEO of :

  • Apex Holding SAL
  • Hicham Jerdak for investment LLC ( Dubai )
  • Master Key Invest Holding ( Dubai )
  • Apex SRL Italy
  • Arz Faraya SAL
  • Group one partners SAL
  • Greppo Proparia SAL
  • SKY srl ( Italy )
  • Borgo srl ( Italy )
  • About Hicham

    Hicham Jerdak is best known for orchestrating the remarkable work of several successful projects in Lebanon and abroad.

    Under his leadership, his previous work grew to be one of the most distinctive executed concepts that were known about in the whole MENA region, reaching out to Europe as well.

    Hicham Jerdak established several companies that became a leader in the architectural and engineered design market, ranging from a low scale level of furniture to a large scale level of the towers and the towns, creating niche communities.

    The Companies cover an area of 200,000 m2 in projects, and worth more than 140 Million Dollars. 

    Hicham has extensive experience in planning projects of the largest scope such as towns, residential and leisure villages, mixed-use projects, office buildings, commercial, complexes, shopping
    malls, etc.

    As well as being passionate and dedicated to architecture and engineering design and possesses a history of intellectual capital and a comprehensive understanding of the intersection of the arts, business, construction and development.

    Jerdak’s goal is to provide high quality design and project management services and to secure an efficient project implementation and exceed expectations.